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Business to Customers

Common Service Centers are designed to be a hub for providing easy and convenient services to the citizens through remote access citizen. The basic motive is to provide easy, anywhere and anytime access to B2C services. It also reduces administrative burden and service fulfillment time & costs for the Businesses Services.

Utility Bill Collection
Spanco CSC helps the rural citizens to pay the utilities bill without visiting the offices or collection centres and waiting in long queues. Spanco CSC ensures efficiency, transparency and reliability and offer services at an affordable cost. Services for utility bill payment such as electricity bill, water bill, etc are available in Spanco CSCs

Financial Inclusion
On September 28, 2010, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), as part of its Financial Inclusion mandate, announced in the Annual Policy Statement for the year 2010-11, that it has decided to permit banks to engage companies registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, excluding Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), as Business Correspondents (BCs) in addition to the individuals/entities permitted earlier, subject to compliance with its existing guidelines for engaging BCs. Further, the RBI has allowed banks to engage with the CSC Operators/VLEs as BCs. Spanco delivers Financial Inclusion services for various PSU banks through its selected network of CSCs.

Spanco CSC offers DTH & Mobile recharge for almost every service provider. The services available under recharge include:

  • Mobile pin recharge- The mobile can be recharged by using Mobile PIN Recharge service that is provided at CSC Centres.
  • Mobile e-recharge
  • DTH Recharge

Life Insurance premium
Spanco CSC has launched Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance services which help the rural citizens get insured and CSCs act as premium payment point to help citizens pay on time.

Solar Lamp
Spanco CSC offers solar services that cater the requirements of both home and business entities. This is an opportunity to generate additional sources of income for Spanco CSC and is created through

  • The renting of solar lanterns.
  • Provision of mobile phone charging for the local community.
  • Sale of solar lanterns.
  • In addition, extra solar power will be available for operating limited equipment, thus providing opportunities to do business during peak business hours. It also reduces the need for fossil fuels.

BSNL bill collection
As phone services have become a basic necessity, it is critical that these services be made available in all the Spanco CSCs. Spanco CSC has a tie up with BSNL which helps the rural citizen pay their bills faster and on time.

Ummeed Rojgar
Envision27 Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. is a private recruitment company responsible for Blue Collar and White Collar recruitment nationally and internationally. It is the only Private Recruitment company in India which has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) with National Academy Of Construction (NAC) - (Established by Andhra Pradesh Government) - A Vocational Training Provider (VTP - Registered No. 528050000547) under Directorate General of Employment and Training - Ministry of Labour and Employment, whose (Chairman is Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh ) for mobilizing of candidates from all over India (Block Level, District Level and State Level).

Current Requirement
As on date our requirements:
1. 60000 Security Guards - All over India
2. 30000 Construction Labours - Pune and Mumbai Only - Currently we have 1 Lakh plus verbal inquiry and confirmation for Construction Labours Pan India.
3. 1200 Labour for Automobile Sector - Maharashtra, Gujarat and Chennai
4. 3000 Candidates for BPO and KPO Sector - Gurgaon, Pune and Mumbai
5. 300 Security Guard - Bahrain
6. 3000 Construction Labour - Kuwait

Courses Offered
Masonry, Barbending, Form Work Carpentry, Electrical House Wiring, Plumbing & Sanitation, Painting and Decoration, Architectural Assistantship, General Works Supervisor, Land Surveyor, Store Keeper, Welding

3 Months

National Academy of Construction - Hyderabad and its 150 Training centres in Andhra Pradesh.

Call our help desk to know more or dial 08793387626(MH)

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